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Why is workplace wellness important to think about at this time?

When Caroline Griffiths at fortysevenpercent and globally renowned virologist, Dr Rob Lambkin-Williams at VirologyConsult Ltd. partnered to encourage ‘WorkplaceWellness’ we were keen to talk to organisations about the impact, cause & prevention of the spread of all respiratory viruses to:

  • Protect your employees from the spread of respiratory virus.
  • Reduce the financial and performance costs of absenteeism.
  • Create healthier workplace environments.

Little did we know that a virus strain known as COVID-19 would disrupt the global socio-economic landscape and quite literally change the way that the world worked.

We are offering a specfic set of packages to help companys in their response to the coronavirus.
  • Webinars & Onsite Wellness Training, Events & Wellbeing Workshops
  • Access to 24/7 to help from our HealthDesk.
  • Company branded sanitiser products, factsheets & vaccination vouchers.
  • We offer e’learning & coaching in working from home, transitioning back into the workplace and psychological well being, safety & workplace wellness.

We can also provide:

Factual information & advice to help reduce anxiety, which can impact on attendance & productivity.

We will help your managers to know how to manage workplace disruption & absence in line with your sickness absence policy.

We can help you to know when your employees shouldn’t be in the workplace & what yours & their rights are.

Engage staff to look after self & others by providing practical tips on how they can help prevent the spread of infection.

Inform employees and your leadership on the difference between various virus strains, influenza & common colds to better manage absence reporting.

Provide advice on how to treat staff fairly with both workplace & working from home strategies.

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